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25 July 2022

Assessing life expectancy for voluntary assisted dying may prove challenging

Doctors determining a person's eligibility for voluntary assisted dying must assess life expectancy which is an 'inherently uncertain and imprecise' task made more difficult by inconsistent wording across state legislation, according to University of Sydney experts.
25 July 2022

Type of early-onset dementia now more detectable

Researchers and clinicians at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre have developed a free, online, clinician-administered tool that could greatly increase the likelihood of early detection of primary progressive aphasia, paving the way for enhanced treatment.
25 July 2022

No clear medical definition of 'growing pains'

There is a lack of consistency in how 'growing pains' are diagnosed, with researchers finding medical definitions of the condition often vague or even contradictory, including age of onset, the role of growth, and where the pain commonly occurs.
20 July 2022

Meet the team leading the fight against global corneal blindness

A group of leading Australian researchers is collaborating to develop bioengineered eye tissue to treat corneal blindness.

19 July 2022

COVID drugs in Australia: what's available and how to get them

There is now a range of medicines for treating COVID-19, including antivirals. After testing positive, your medicine prescription depends on the severity of your symptoms and other health conditions.
14 July 2022

Over 250,000 Australians will die from cancers caused by cigarette smoking over the next 25 years

New research estimates the overall number of deaths from smoking-related cancers is set to increase by 32 percent over the next 25-year period.
12 July 2022

What is foot-and-mouth disease?

Veterinary public-health expert Professor Michael Ward explains why the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease among Indonesian cattle has Australia on edge.

12 July 2022

Can you outrun a poor diet?

New research has found that high levels of physical activity do not counteract the detrimental effects of a poor diet on mortality risk.

11 July 2022

Australia could be first to adopt routine childhood screening for type 1 diabetes

A new national screening research pilot for type 1 diabetes funded by JDRF and led by a team at the University of Sydney is launching in locations across the country this month.
30 June 2022

'Long COVID' presents a major health challenge - how can Australia be prepared?

Triple vaccination seems to reduce the chance of long COVID - but we still need to prepare for a jump in cases, write researchers at the University of Sydney.