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15 July 2022

Sri Lanka is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis

Dr Niro Kandasamy, lecturer in History at University of Sydney, says Sri Lanka's crisis is not just about the economy, but a long history of discrimination against minority groups.
27 June 2022

UN Women Australia MBA scholarship recipient drives change

From Zimbabwe to regional New South Wales, 2022 UN Women Australia MBA scholarship recipient Laurena Basutu has seen firsthand how people and access can break down barriers and tackle inequality.

22 June 2022

Sydney Policy Lab Director announced

The University of Sydney has appointed Dr Kate Harrison Brennan Director of Sydney Policy Lab, a multidisciplinary research initiative that fosters unique collaborations with people from different backgrounds to generate new knowledge and solutions.
22 June 2022

Can two worlds bleed? How live action role-play affects your life

New research from the Business School has found people can experience traces of extraordinary events bleeding into their daily life. This is common for people who engage in live action role-playing games.

21 June 2022

Fifth of global food-related emissions due to transport

Food transport constitutes 19 percent of food emissions, equivalent to 6 percent of emissions from all sources, new University of Sydney research finds.
17 May 2022

Major parties need to work harder to support women and families: Scorecard

The election promises of both major parties fall short of giving families the support they need to balance the demands of work and care, according to a new scorecard developed by 31 academics at 18 Australian universities.
10 May 2022

Branding for tech companies: how to avoid common pitfalls

The University of Sydney Business School and Hotwire Australia partner to explore the fundamental role of brand in Australia's digital economy.
26 April 2022

Work Care and Family Policies

The Australian Work + Family Policy Roundtable, a research network of academics, is proposing a series of benchmarks needed to inform evidence-based public policy prior to the Federal election.
19 April 2022

Advice from universities could confuse student UAC preferences

Students may be confused by university advice on how to list their course preferences when applying through University Admissions Centre. This could be solved with clearer advice, new research from the School of Economics finds.
19 April 2022

How to be a better manager, parent and teacher

A new study suggests that management, teaching, and parenting strategies that are "autonomy-supportive" rather than controlling unlock people's "good sides".