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What is foot-and-mouth disease?

Veterinary public-health expert Professor Michael Ward explains why the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease among Indonesian cattle has Australia on edge.

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12 July 2022

Trade secret protections benefit small firms, consumers: research

Proprietary knowledge protection greatly benefits young and small firms, leading to increased product market competition benefits for consumers, new University of Sydney Business School research finds.

11 July 2022

Your brain is better at busting deepfakes than you

While observers can't consciously recognise the difference between real and fake faces, their brains can, University of Sydney research shows.
11 July 2022

Australia could be first to adopt routine childhood screening for type 1 diabetes

A new national screening research pilot for type 1 diabetes funded by JDRF and led by a team at the University of Sydney is launching in locations across the country this month.